What makes a Great School?

A Great School is where ‘we’ and ‘our’ describe ambitions and actions. It is where excellence is both an assumption and a springboard.

A Great School is where a deep sense of morality underpins the direction that children and professionals travel – sharing, empathising and co-constructing respective learning journeys together. 

A Great School looks beyond walls and structures; out of classrooms and buildings, out of catchments, stakeholders and staffing bodies to the wider landscape. 

A Great School is where local, national and international applies both to the curriculum, but also to professional development, family engagement, and to the contribution to (and from) our wider teaching profession. 

But above all, a Great School is where Children – both those on roll, and those in other schools, towns and countries – are ultimately and unapologetically, at the heart of every action. 


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