Fiona Aubrey-Smith MA(Ed) MMus PGCE BA(Hons) FCCT

  • Director and Founder, One Life Learning (Education Consultancy & Research)
  • Non-Executive Board Member, The Compass Partnership of Schools Multi-Academy Trust
  • Non-Executive Board Member, The Inspire Learning Federation Multi-Academy Trust
  • Associate Writer, Headteacher Update magazine
  • Doctoral Researcher
  • Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching and NAACE

I began my career in postgraduate academic research on musico-neuro-synaesthesia (that is, the effects that specific musical features have on brain & body) – something that has since seen a rise in interest through the use of music in classrooms and in films to influence behaviours and emotional responses. Seeing the potential for the careful use of music to enhance the learning experiences for children I began teaching whilst continuing the research work and completed a Masters in this area. Then, newly inspired by the sheer joy of enabling learning with young children, I continued teaching – later being fascinated by the role of technology in extending learning; particularly increasing the connectedness between school and non-school (ie; children’s home lives, and family engagement). This led to working in partnership with the most wonderful of colleagues at Ranvilles Infant School & Hampshire local authority in investigating the crossover between the developments of online learning and whole school strategic planning (summary article from my second Masters kindly shared by NAACE as an article  called Led & Loved by Infants, and our Becta Excellence Award Film ). This work led to a number of invitations to share this work both nationally and internationally, and that led in turn to my joining one of the leading online learning companies, first as an educational development consultant, and then to lead on Research & Development (education strategy within a technology company). NAACE also very kindly presented me with a Fellowship for my contribution to the sector. Having started doctoral research (The role of the teacher in relation to children personalising their own learning), I became involved in a number of  think-tanks such as Policy Exchange and Reform, and also had the privilege of working with thousands of schools across England, and internationally (including Ministry of Education, Singapore, Department for Education, New York, and the Ministry of Defence’s Service Children’s Education Department amongst others). The best part of the job has always been working in classrooms with children and their teachers, and having been “out and about” I’ve learned so much from so many people. As a result of these contacts and relationships I established a number of headteacher and executive headteacher networks, national networking activities and commissioned  strategy and delivery of professional development for what was the largest and most active national network of schools; the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (now called SSAT).  I have always been passionate about facilitating all those involved in education to connect together – professional networks are the backbone of successful teachers and leaders in today’s educational landscape. It’s my firm belief that the profession belongs to the workforce; and that the answers to the questions we all have can be found in classrooms today. That’s why I was one of the working group who set up the Claim Your College consortia to set out the business plan for a Chartered College of Teaching – this work culminated in our proposal to the DfE, significant start up fundraising and the appointment of the Founding Trustees who I’m so pleased to say are now leading the College of Teaching forwards. 

I’m currently working with a number of MATs (including The Compass Partnership of Schools and The Inspire Learning Partnership) and maintained schools at a strategic level and completing my Doctoral research (An exploration of the relationship between teacher’s pedagogical values and beliefs and digital technologies).

My aim and energy simply focuses on one theme; Connectedness. It’s all about bringing people together who can share and support each other.

And, if I can help you to do that, then please get in touch…

LinkedIn Profile: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/fionaaubreysmith

Twitter: http://twitter.com/fionaas

See links at the top of this page for details of my publications and keynotes.

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